10 Most Hated Video Game Characters Of All Time

These characters will make you want to punch your screen.

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Between Mario, Commander Shepard, Nathan Drake, Master Chief, and Lara Croft, video games have no shortage of beloved and iconic characters.

We play as them, care for them, and root for them to succeed because they're immediately engaging and they have enough appeal to launch franchise power. They are the heroes that we live vicariously through as they face off against increasingly overwhelming odds and dastardly foes.

Inevitably, there's another side of the coin entirely, where annoying characters who deserve to be absolutely despised stink up what could have been great video games.

Sometimes a character is so insanely annoying that their mere presence is difficult to take. Or maybe they are an opponent so obnoxiously difficult to beat that it causes you to give up all hope and question your very life decisions. And of course it can even be as simple as poor writing or characterisation.

Unfortunately, there is no limit to the number of hateable characters in video games, and every gamer will undoubtedly have their own frontrunners, but there's undoubtedly a Hall Of Fame Of Hate. These are the worst of the worst; the characters you just can€™t help but loathe with every fibre of your being. These are the most offensive, reprehensible, and just plain detestable video game characters of all time.

10. Duck Hunt Dog


The Duck Hunt Dog is considered by many to be one of the very first truly hated video game characters. On the surface he appears to live up to the standards of man'€™s best friend. He jumps in head first and happily collects any ducks you fell, aiding you in your quest to€ kill as many innocent ducks as possible.

That's good old fashioned family friendly fun. But then when you fail, he becomes insufferable. Missing your targets brings out the worst in him, like an overzealous middle manager with an itchy trigger finger. In these moments it feels like Duck Hunt Dog exists purely to mock your incompetence. What makes it even worse is that technically he€™'s supposed to be on your side. Yet he continues to mock you in a way that makes you question whether that€™'s actually the case.

No doubt many Duck Hunt veterans have had that infamous laugh ingrained into their subconscious. Sure, the Duck Hunt Dog may not be the most villainous of characters, and laughing at the failures of others ranks pretty low as far as evil actions go, but he is firmly ingrained within popular culture. So while his crimes may only extend towards being a jerk, his two-faced personality has earned him many middle fingers aimed in his direction.


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