10 Most Hated Video Game Characters Of All Time

9. Ashley Graham


Is it wrong to hate a character whose greatest crime is being useless? Perhaps that is a question for another time, but needless to say those that have played Resident Evil 4 have grown to curse the name Ashley Graham, daughter of the President of the United States.

After getting kidnapped by monstrous religious fanatics, Leon S. Kennedy is hand picked by the President to find her and bring her back. We all know how well that goes. From the moment Leon finds Ashley, she proceeds to be a liability. Her greatest talent is doing nothing and staying out of the way. That would be well and good if she didn€™'t also have a talent for getting separated, forcing Leon to go out of his way to save her over and over again.

Ashley Graham is basically the quintessential damsel in distress, offering nothing of substance in regards to her character other than innocence, which just doesn€™'t cut it in the violent and absurd world of Resident Evil. Granted, her greatest crime is annoyance, which isn'€™t exactly the worst offense ever, but sometimes that'€™s all it takes to make someone intensely dislike you. After all, the next worst thing to wickedness is uselessness.


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