10 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments in Gaming

prince of persia Video games, just like movies and books are forms of entertainment geared towards causing their readers/players/watchers different kinds of emotions. If a person can find a chapter in a book sad, or a certain scene in a movie tear-jerking it makes sense that some parts of video games can be heart-breaking. There are many games out there that aim to cause their users distress, either through character death or dilemmas through game-play. In this article I'll be exploring some of the top ten moments in gaming that have left me wanting to throw my console out of the window and crawl into a dark corner.

10. Dragon Age - Morrigan Leaving

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YZjrnVfIhk I won't lie, this isn't exactly a sad scene for many but it had a very big impact on me. Dragon Age was one of my favourite RPGs and brought Bioware into a shining light for me. I got fiercely attached to my character as well as support characters and the romance merely added to this attachment. Although the gameplay wasn't exactly my sort of style for gaming, the story more than made up for it for me. There were of course quite a few sad moments during the game, the one that hit close to the heart was Morrigan leaving my party just before the end. To have invested so much into the romance between the warden and Morrigan only to have her leave just before the final battle was nothing short of sad. It wasn't just the fact she was leaving though, it was the fact that she genuinely didn't want to go. As soon as the final battle came the next day and my character had to sacrifice himself, I was just numb. Even though the character I had spent hours playing with was dead and the kingdom was safe and happy, I felt hollow that he'd died alone.
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