10 Most Heart-Wrenching Moments in Gaming

9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Soap's Death

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTp4PjpImyw Now I'll downright admit that I hate the Call of Duty franchise, not only for what it's done to the gaming industry but for the type of gamers it has bred. That being said though, I have still bought each of the games and enjoyed the single player story to a degree. The first game's ending was pretty sad, but hey it's war; people die. The second game's ending brought out the same emotion, but it wasn't until the third game that I actually felt any sort of sadness. I'd spent a lot of time playing as Soap or with him so I'd got used to having him around. Both him and Price had reasons for wanting to see Makarov dead and it really was a sucker punch to the gut to see Soap dead before this was achieved. Soap, to me, was indestructible. He's been shot countless times and gone through hell in all 3 games so there was no way I thought he'd end up dead. Sure it seemed like quite a heavy fall from the exploding tower, but hey, Yuri survived why shouldn't Soap. It wasn't until Soap was on the table and the music was playing that I started having doubts. Price's reaction to his friend's death just made the scene more harrowing and so earned it a place in this list.
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