10 Most Iconic Street Fighter Special/Super Moves

What really is the best way to K.O. your opponents with style?


The colourful cast of characters in the Street Fighter universe have a whole host of attacks at their disposal, from over the top wrestling moves like Zangief’s Spinning Piledriver to bursts of flaming Ki energy like Sagat’s Tiger Shot. In fact, learning, mastering and using these moves could be considered the bread and butter of the Street Fighter experience.

Each character is given a variety of unique attacks suitable to their specific playstyle, often fitting in with their personality and design. For example, Zoner characters have projectile attacks while Grappler characters have a number of different grabs. These different moves have become as iconic as the characters they represent.

But which of these special techniques really stand out above the rest? What moves are you most likely to shout out triumphantly as your chosen character throws them out? What moves haves your eyes rolling every time you are on the receiving end of them? That’s where this list comes in, ranking the 10 most iconic Special or Super in the history of Street Fighter.


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