10 Most Influential Video Game Sequels Of All Time

9. Dark Souls

From Software

Released as a PlayStation 3 exclusive, Demon Souls garnered plenty of praise from critics and quickly gathered a cult following, but it was the spiritual successor Dark Souls that gave rise to a whole new genre commonly referred to as the ‘Soulsborne’ games.

In Dark Souls you will die. A lot.

Unlike other challenging titles however, you actually feel like you learn something with each death, which allows you to progress that little bit further next time. This is in large part due to the fantastically intricate world design that encourages exploration, and never being quite sure what awaits around the next corner provides an exhilarating and tense experience that never wears off.

The brilliant world design is backed up by a great combat system, whereby success depends on quickly working out the enemies attack pattern and launching your own attacks at just the right moment.

One mistake and you can be defeated by even the weakest of foes.

Since its release nearly a decade ago, we’ve seen many developers trying to ape the ‘SoulsBorne’ formula, and while this has given us some noteworthy titles, none have lived up to the game that inspired them all.

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