10 Most INFURIATING Legend Of Zelda Dungeons

Those times when playing Zelda became a whole lot less fun!


For the most part, playing Zelda is nothing but a joy. The gorgeously rendered worlds, crazy characters, engrossing story and captivating combat - truly, it’s one of the greatest franchises in video gaming. The fantasy world comes to life as you explore wide open plains and fight your way through dank dungeons.

Therein lies the problem, though: every now and then, Zelda games throw out a dungeon that is simply hair rippingly infuriating.

That’s not necessarily saying the dungeon is bad - it may be well designed and full of neat ideas, puzzles, and enemies, but still manages to set your teeth on edge somehow. It may be a mechanic, a difficulty spike, a certain unfairness at the core of the creation.

It may just be that the dungeon is, in fact, a dud. Everyone makes mistakes, even Nintendo’s Zelda team, and on the odd occasion they’ve swung and missed when it comes to their level design.

Whatever the reason, these are the Zelda dungeons that tarnish your memory of an otherwise great game, that you dread on a replay, that simply send you round the bend.

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