10 Most Infuriating Unresolved Video Game Cliffhangers

To be continued... probably. Eventually. At some point... when we feel like it.

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Video games, perhaps more than any other medium, have a terrible habit of setting up cliffhanger endings that never fully pay off. This could be because the developers feel they wrote themselves into a corner and hit the reboot button, there's a negative reaction to the plot or logically enough - the game didn't sell enough copies, so no follow-ups ever got commissioned.

This can be especially frustrating when a player finds themselves engaged with a game's storyline, only to realise they'll never get any firm resolution to it. There's a whole metaphorical graveyard filled with abandoned storylines and promised sequels that never emerged. Even major franchises are guilty of this sin, and complaints from fans are generally met with shrugs.

Storytelling in the medium has gotten slightly more sophisticated, to the point where players are drawn back to a series for the characters as much as the gameplay itself; so when a cliffhanger is intentionally ignored you can bet fans are going to take notice.

Leaving a game with a passionate fanbase mulling over major questions unanswered or - worse yet - no answers at all is always going to be a bone of contention, and here is a selection of games that have left gamers with broken hearts to this very day.

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