10 Most Infuriatingly Awkward Video Game Levels Of All Time

How can something called 'Rainbow Road' be the embodiment of Hell itself?

Mario Kart Rainbow Road

Thanks to game developers and publishers having access to way more data in regards to player preference, loveable game mechanics, character archetypes and everything else, it's rare you'll get a big-budget, mass-marketed game that doesn't knock at least one aspect of its design out the park.

To be completely cynical for a second, you can totally see how Horizon Zero Dawn is an amalgamation of every major design philosophy of the last 10 years, all rolled into one. Uncharted climbing, Shadow of Mordor bow n' arrow combat, The Witcher/Arkham Asylum detective vision - all of these elements would've been play-tested to death pre-launch, just to ensure the most positive reception possible.

Flash back to a world less dominated by social media and widespread data collation though, and you'll get all sorts of ideas crop up; ones made for reasons ranging from challenge, to just seeing how much the player will put up with. If you want to see that mentality replicated, check out the custom levels of Super Mario Maker. Let's just say, about 1% of them are built to actually please you.

Indeed, it's hard for any 'bad' idea to make it out the gate when a million past examples say otherwise, but over the years?

Not so much...

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