10 Most Insane Open World Game Enemies You Must Find

It's not all treasure chests and collectibles out there in in open world games.

fallout 4 never ending shotgun

There are many two-word combos you can say to a gamer to get their excitement brewing. Some of the best examples include boss fights, experience points, Easter eggs, or skill trees. Still, the words "open world game" are an unbeatable combination that entices players and brings them in by the bucketload.

Diving into a video game world free of borders or invisible walls where you go wherever you want is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have in the digital world. There's always plenty to uncover and great adventures to be had.

Of course, part of what makes an open world so exhilarating is that you can never know for sure what's out there. Sometimes, you get pleasant surprises, and other times, horrifying encounters. However, there's always something worth hunting for.

One thing you'll find in abundance is enemies, but not all of them are created equal. Some go above and beyond, posing an extra challenge, giving players a remarkable spectacle, or just making them laugh with their goofy characters.

No matter the case, players shouldn't rest until they've come face to face with all of these unique enemies.

10. Chort - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

fallout 4 never ending shotgun
CD Projekt RED

Hunting down wild beasties isn't just something you can do in The Witcher series - it's the whole point. Donning the swords of Geralt of Rivia and performing your monster slaying duties is an essential part of the CD Projekt RED games, and this creature from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the most fascinating.

Chorts are massive goat-like creatures with horns, sharp teeth, almost humanoid bodies, and monstrous tempers. They're smaller versions of Fiends, which also deserve a mention. However, the Chort makes it on specifically because of one very unique encounter.

Players who want to cut corners and make some quick cash can do so in White Orchard by slaying cows, making money off their corpses, and then doing it again once they respawned. However, the devs made this task tougher in a patch, which forced players who performed this trick to come toe-to-toe with a level 27 Chort. Talk about being taught a lesson.

This special Chort aside, the monster is still a rare creature in the game, but worth seeking out for its awesome design and fun challenge.

There's also an additional, even rarer, and larger relative to the Chort/Fiend named the Bumbakvetche. However, one has yet to appear in a Witcher game. Fingers crossed it shows up for the remake or the sequel.


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