10 Most Insanely Elaborate Video Game Easter Eggs

8. The Nero Family Sidequest - Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy 9 Nero
Square Enix

Despite the indefatigable obsessiveness of the Final Fantasy fanbase, an entire hidden side-quest in Final Fantasy IX managed to go undiscovered for 13 years, as was finally brought to light in 2013 by YouTuber GarlandTheGreat.

At the start of disc 4, visit the Tantalus hideout and you'll find Zenero and Benero, who have no idea where Marcus and Cinna have gone.

If the player repeatedly heads to the final dungeon, Memoria, then completes a major story event and returns to Tantalus, they'll be constantly greeted by a new member of the Nero family wondering where their siblings have gone.

Repeat this enough and Zidane will eventually remark on the size of the Nero family, after which a treasure chest will appear in the hideout, which contains a Protect Ring.

It's not a great reward for your efforts, honestly, but the sheer fact that this quest even exists, and has so many repetitive, convoluted steps no less, is absolutely mind-boggling.

As for why it went undiscovered for so long? You can probably blame the game's embarrassingly awful official strategy guide.


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