10 Most Notorious Video Game Urban Legends

From mysterious ghost stories to outright world domination.

Ever since man realised telling stories around a light source just below their chin meant anything they said came off with a suitably creepy vibe, both they and any who listened have always been thoroughly enthralled. Everyone loves a good ghost story, conspiracy theory or mind-bending "What if?" scenario, and the realm of video games is no different. Developers and creative teams could sit and toil for months trying to put together the most unexpected plot twists and subversive narratives known to man - but there's nothing more alluring and instantly ear-pricking than someone whipping out the classic "Look, I don't know if it's true right, but..." sentence-starter. By its very nature gaming is an escapist's paradise stuffed with all manner of design choices that require you pay attention for the big pay-off, and when you start looking deeper into certain creative works and the craziest stories surrounding them, what comes staring back can occasionally be pretty terrifying, potentially eye-opening and always thoroughly interesting. What does that all mean? Well, you'll have to read on and find out - just remember that none of these stories are proven true or total fiction one way or the other, and that's what makes them so fantastic.

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