10 Most Offensive Moments In Duke Nukem History

A 'Capture the Babe' mode in place of Capture the Flag? Seriously?!

At the close of January, 2016, it was Duke Nukem 3D's 20th birthday. The action-packed first person shooter from 1996 was an instant classic for its exciting, addictive gameplay, tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and raunchy content that now defines the series - and it's a series not just limited to first-person shooters.

Whatever medium Duke appears on, be it a side-scroller or third-person shooter, the character will parody and mock his way to victory, no matter what mechanical madman, putrid Pig Cop or ugly alien is in his way.

Duke Nukem has gone on to offend countless people due to various reasons, from bad language and drug abuse, to strong sexual themes and development schemes that certainly felt like forever. Read on and find out the ten most offensive moments that somehow made their way into the Duke's various games.

10. Unprecedented Blood And Violence

Back when Duke was a side-scrolling character, his assortment of cannons and lasers would only disintegrate his foes. In Duke Nukem 3D, explosions sent chunks of mutant Pig Cops raining in all directions. Blood would seep down the walls, something that was never seen before in other games at the time. Even innocents could be killed, though this does not help the player in any way and will summon more increasingly annoyed enemies.

Considering the big scare in the 1990's regarding violence in the media, Duke Nukem 3D was labelled as a harmful influence on the public, despite being just as ridiculous and fictitious as the accusations themselves. With Duke blowing up hordes of nasty monsters from far away galaxies in order to save the world, the game is far from anything even close to a realistic bloodbath simulator.

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