10 Most Out-Of-Place Scenes In Video Games

REALLY didn't need an elephant murder scene in our kids game tbh.

it takes two elephant

There are some games that embrace being weird. Seaman, Octodad, and Gitaroo Man are so quirky, they are known more for their unconventional design and zany characters rather than the gameplay itself.

When your title is called "Cuphead", you're not surprised when you face off against surreal enemies like gumball machines and psychic carrots. You don't think it's peculiar in Parappa the Rapper when an onion man teaches you how to dance because its uniqueness was its selling point. We aren't fazed by things like this because we knew these titles were going to be weird from the get-go.

But sometimes, gamers will come across a character, a level, or a cutscene that is so jarring, it leaves them utterly befuddled. How bizarre is it when you encounter a genuinely unsettling enemy in a game geared for kids? How off-putting is it when a horror title throws in a bit of slapstick humour?

And most importantly - Why did Darth Vader turn into a scorpion in that Star Wars game by Namco?

Moments like this feel so out of place, you cannot fathom why they were put in the game in the first place.

10. The Laugh - Final Fantasy X

it takes two elephant
Square Enix

The Laughing Scene in Final Fantasy X is the stuff of legends. Being one of the oldest memes on the Internet, you've probably stumbled upon the infamous scene of Tidus' belly-laugh a bunch of times, even if you've never played the game.

Because of how forced and obnoxious Tidus' chuckles, it's regarded as among the cringiest moments in gaming history.

As hard as it is to believe, this moment is sillier when you understand the context. In the game, Tidus and his crew are travelling across Spira to stop a gargantuan beast called Sin from destroying the world.

Five minutes before the infamous scene, Tidus learns his father, who he believed to be dead, has bonded his essence with Sin. So, not only is his dad responsible for murdering countless people, Tidus has to kill his dad to save the planet

This revelation leaves Tidus so disillusioned, he falls into a depression. His ally, Yuna, tells him to laugh it off to avoid wallowing in self-pity.

So, there you have it. The reason why Tidus decides to pretend-laugh is because he just discovered his father is gigantic monster who's committing global genocide.

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