10 Most Overlooked Video Games Of 2023

Don't sleep on these.

The Invincible
11 Bit Studios

2023 has been an undeniably astonishing year for video games - arguably the best ever, and even if not, it's up there with the all-timers.

The past year has seen more great games released than any single person can hope to keep up with, and let's be honest - an embarrassment of riches is a wonderful problem to have.

But it's also fair to say that the developers of the year's most overlooked games might not agree, because as great as rave reviews are, they also need the sales data to back it up.

Now, while we certainly can't confirm how most of these games have sold - and some, handily, are available on Xbox Game Pass - it's clear that none of them made quite the tectonic impact with players that they absolutely should have.

Again, it's tough to hold people's attention when there's been a new shiny AAA thing releasing almost every week this year, but all the same, you're doing yourself quite the disservice if you don't give these fantastic games a try.

From card-carrying indies to an egregiously slept-on AAA masterpieces, you can't go wrong with any of these unsung games from the last 12-or-so months...

10. Viewfinder

The Invincible
Sad Owl Studios

Let's kick things off with one of the most ingeniously premised video games ever.

The brain-breakingly brilliant puzzler Viewfinder gives players a camera and allows them to take polaroid photographs of the environment which can then be placed in the very same 3D space, creating pathways towards the teleport pod in each level.

If the influence from Valve's Portal is obvious, Viewfinder is nevertheless a challenging and innovative puzzle game all of its own, forcing the player to consider perspective and scale in order to progress to the next stage.

As with any great puzzler, it also finds jaw-dropping ways to keep upping the ante all the way to the end, continually introducing new wrinkles which force the player to think ever more carefully about how to move forward.

Though those craving a nuanced story should certainly look elsewhere, Viewfinder's first-rate mechanics are so brilliantly befuddling you'll surely not care about the threadbare narrative.


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