10 Most Overpowered RPG Weapons EVER

Defending Kaer Morhen with a single swipe.

witcher 3 aerondight
CD Projekt RED

You probably fall into one of two camps when it comes to overpowered weapons. You either think they ruin the game or you think they make things a hell of a lot more fun.

To be fair, your perspective also probably depends on the game you’re playing, how easy the weapon is to obtain, and what genre said OP weapon can be found in. For example multiplayer games which require careful balancing are a nightmare when an unreasonably powerful weapon enters the mix. I’m looking at you, Halo’s energy sword.

For this list we’re just looking at RPGs so that’s why there won’t be an entry for Doom’s BFG or the FarSight XR-20 from Perfect Dark.

Not to worry, though, we will be playing it a little bit fast and loose with the definition of an RPG for a couple of these entries because these ludicrously souped-up weapons need to be celebrated. Or criticised? You tell me.


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