10 Most Passionate Video Game Couples

Is Geralt and Yennefer gaming's best romance?

Witcher 3
CD Projekt RED

Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than to take a look back at everyone's favourite characters, throughout some of their most intimate moments?

Whether you love it or hate it, romance is a staple across all popular media. From movies to television and video-games, the idea of two lovers intertwined in a tender embrace, makes for many of the most iconic and memorable moments of the last few decades.

Often embroiled in conflict, these moments are frequently marred with affairs, love rivals and sacrifices, which make them all the more scintillating to the audience. Although you might more readily associate some of your favourite video game titles with blood and gore, rather than love and friendship, I think we can all agree that they just wouldn't be the same without these touching scenes.

In a time when many of us are separated from our family, friends and perhaps even partners, it is fair to say we could all use a little more love in our lives. Even if that is just a simple conversation, a quick smooch or something much deeper.

10. Ellie & Riley - The Last Of Us

Witcher 3
Naughty Dog

Although the controversial sequel pairs a now older (and much deadlier) Ellie with the strong-willed Dina, it was the love she bore for her best friend Riley from the original game, that made the biggest impact.

Despite her age, Ellie has remained an iconic character since she debuted way back in 2013. Exhibiting both emotional fragility and unyielding strength in equal measure, it is only right that the exploration of her first love was equally as special.

The Left Behind DLC gave fans one of the most tender moments in the game. A moment of reprieve from the terrible zombie laden landscape finds Ellie and her best friend Riley in a shopping mall, allowing them to act like teenagers, playing and dancing together.

They knew that their days together were numbered in this cruel environment, so begin to say their emotional goodbyes, and how much they’ll miss each other. It is here, where they share their first kiss.

This represented a massive moment for the LGBTQ+ community, which had long been unrepresented in popular media. This inclusion, in a AAA title no less, will be long remembered as a titanic moment in video game history.


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