10 Most Pathetic Video Game Characters Ever

There are some characters that players love to hate, and others that people just straight-up hate.

Ashley Graham From Resident Evil 4

The appeal of video games can often be linked to dawning a new persona and doing incredible things. It's a way for the player to the feel the gratification of being a hero. We want to be in a world full of extraordinary characters who take on other extraordinary characters in an epic conflict.

Some games though, either deliberately or inadvertently throw in characters who pale in comparison, looking as pathetic as an ant next to a giant. Whether they're in your control, trying to stop the hero or providing weak forms of assistance, none of these characters can ever amount to much in the eyes of the audience.

Some characters on this list may endear themselves to fanbases ironically; a sarcastic type of love. Others though, have irritated fans so much that they spend their days complaining about them on online forums, or even publicly disowning them from the very franchises they were written for.

One way or another though, none of these characters will be earning the admiration of fans or players any time soon. People may like them or hate them, but beyond anything else, they're still pathetic.

10. Johnny Sasaki (Metal Gear Solid)

Ashley Graham From Resident Evil 4

While many Metal Gear fans would expect to see Raiden on this list, they would be mistaken since Raiden transformed into an undeniable badass by the fourth game, and even got his own spinoff.

Instead, this one goes to one of the series' running jokes, who fittingly enough, forever needs the toilet.

If Snake got captured, he could always count on at least one inept guard being there named Johnny Sasaki. He was the sniffling guard who got knocked out and stripped down by Meryl. As if having a cold and getting embarrassed wasn't bad enough, he also had a stomach virus, giving him runs so bad that he actually let Snake escape his cell.

Oddly enough, these runs also run in the family, as his grandfather had similar problems and even the same guard job, trying and failing to keep Big Boss locked up in his cell, too.

Johnny manages to catch that same flu during the Big Shell incident and suffers from it again leaving him on the can for one of the game's more comedic moments. Realizing how eerily similar the situation is to Shadow Moses, he decides not to interfere with Emma Emmerich's rescue.

Surprisingly, he shows up in Metal Gear Solid 4, still dealing with stomach issues the whole time, becoming one of the few characters in video game history to actually soil his pants. Still though, he manages to win the heart of Meryl, in spite of his irratable bowels.


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