10 Most Pathetic Video Game Characters Ever

9. Big The Cat (Sonic Adventure)

Ashley Graham From Resident Evil 4
The cast of Sonic Heros

Big The Cat entered the ever expanding list of Sonic characters in Sonic Adventure, receiving about as much love as Jar Jar did when he came into Star Wars. The Sonic series has a rough history with its side characters, hitting with edgy anti-heroes like Knuckles and Shadow, but shooting an absolute blank with Big, who defeats the entire purpose of the Sonic games.

People buy them because they, as the intro of Sonic X states, gotta go fast. The last thing they want to do is control a lumbering slowpoke who has to fish to find his lost frog.

Sonic fans hated him so much that the the developers added cathartic visuals of a dead Big into Sonic Adventure 2, like his body being found underwater, or him getting run over by the giant truck that chases Sonic through San Francisco.

Cats wouldn't be redeemed in the Sonic universe until Blaze The Cat debuted in 2005.

Ironically though, Big The Cat's English voice actor was Jon St. John, who ended up voicing one of gaming's most recognisable badasses in Duke Nukem, covering both ends of the coolness spectrum with his two roles.


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