10 Most Popular Tekken Characters

10. Robert “Bob” Richards


First Appearance: Tekken 6

A relative newcomer to the series, Robert Richards is an overweight karate master who prides himself on having the “Perfect Body”. Richards, who often goes by the name Bob, made his debut in 2007’s Tekken 6 and returned for 2015’s Tekken 7. He is one of the most popular new additions to the franchise, along with Tekken 6’s Alisa Bosconovitch and Tekken 7’s Leroy Smith.

Originally, Bob was a slimmer fighter (seen in the character of ‘Slim Bob’ in 2011’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2) who despite being a martial arts prodigy was unable to best fighters who were large in size. However, after years of “training” he returned to the fighting scene with an overweight body large enough to match any opponent. Despite this transformation, he has kept his initial speed as well as gaining new power. Bob entered the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament to prove to his fans that he was still a great fighter.

With his humorous backstory and skill in fighting, he became a fast favourite in the Tekken community. Bob's uniquely comical gameplay gives him the edge to hold his own against a variety of opponents, and has cemented him a spot on the roster of future Tekken games - to the delight of his fans.

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