10 Most Powerful Knockouts In Gaming History

Some of the most impactful takedowns you'll ever see.

Batman arkham asylum

Making the player feel powerful is often a key focus in many a modern release. When you're put into the shoes of a character far greater than yourself, that impression is conveyed to you in many ways. Most notably by putting you in full command of the action and striking down your enemies with great force.

Sometimes, you just need a simple knock-out to make you feel the strength and resourcefulness of your protaganist. It's one of the best methods to cap off a combat sequence or in other cases end the game with a bang.

Burly brawls in games have often played a major role and with improved technology, the sense of pain that translates into each hit has only grown more vicious.

Typically, knockouts in games are handled either directly by the player or placed in cut-scenes for additional impact. No matter which the game gives, there's always a cathartic release whenever they strike. The following ten games offered some of the most powerful and satisfying finishing blows you'll ever see.

(Be warned as this list contains spoilers for some entries)

10. Volgin Beats Snake - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Batman arkham asylum
Kojima Productions

Now we have an instance where it's not the player doing the damage, but the antagonist. In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Naked Snake is tasked with sneaking into Russia to destroy the nuclear-equipped Shaghod tank alongside eliminating his former mentor. While many of the game's characters are placed into morally grey territory, there's one who is unquestionably evil.

Colonel Volgin is the primary villain for much of the title and he's a brutal one. As a sadist capable of wielding electricity, he's incredibly intimidating and this is felt first hand at the end of the game's second act. After disguising himself as a Russian general, Snake locates his target, only to be interrupted by The Boss.

We see that he can handle a hand-to-fight with Volgin, but once he's subdued by The Boss, a bloody beating ensues. Landing punches to his gut and face, Volgin finishes the job by knocking Snake out with a maximumly charged haymaker.

The crack of the blows landing just makes it all the more painful and at points you'll wonder how Snake would survive such a relentless beatdown. The nightmare is only just beginning for our hero as he's hauled off to the torture room for a gruesome sequence.


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