10 Most Powerful Summons In RPG History

If you summon Anima, you win.

final fantasy x anima
Square Enix

Roleplaying games often let you approach combat in a variety of ways. Melee, spellcasting, stealth archery, but your choices don’t stop there.

One of the strongest cards you can pull out in certain RPGs is calling upon super powerful summons, but of course not all summons are created equally.

Whether you’re calling upon a group of legendary 12th century knights, an ornate katana-wielding samurai, or even some summons that don’t appear in Final Fantasy, we’ve collected ten uber-powerful allies you’ll be glad to have on your side.


10. Kazuma Kiryu - Yakuza: Like A Dragon

yakuza like a dragon

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is an absolute trip, a worthy follow up to Kiryu’s epic saga, and a wonderful debut for protagonist Kasuga Ichiban. If you can’t tell, I’m a bit of a fan, I also just finished it like last month.

Ichiban is a massive fan of Dragon Quest so he sees everything through this fantastical hero RPG lens. It sounds bizarre but it works really well. As a result, the encounters, enemies, and outfits are all grander than they look to everyone else, and probably far more impressive than they are in real life. Enter the strongest summon in the game, Kazuma Kiryu himself. Very late in the game you get the opportunity to summon Kiryu to help you in battle.

You do this using the in-game summoning service called Poundmates. Yeah, it’s really called Poundmates. This game is glorious.

While he’ll cost you a whopping 1 million yen to summon, the first time is free, which I found to be an absolute godsend while dealing with the final baddie. Kiryu’s summon depicts him on the streets of Kamurocho and he’ll absolutely decimate anybody you sick him on. He can one-shot enemies and attack all enemies at once.

Unlike almost everything else in this game, I 100% believe Kiryu’s godlike prowess is happening just as it appears, no Kasuga’s wild imagination required.


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