10 Most Powerful Summons In RPG History

9. Anima - Final Fantasy X

Dark Aeon Anima
Square Enix

This is the first but absolutely not the last time a Final Fantasy summon will appear on this list. The series is famous for its incredible summons and we’re not about to ignore that here.

Unfortunately, since we couldn’t make this an entirely Final Fantasy-focussed list, we haven’t been able to include every extraordinary summon, but we’re giving a slot to Final Fantasy X’s Anima. Anima is really something to behold, as a towering enchained demonic figure with a tragic backstory, her attack Anima’s Pain can pretty much flatten any foe in one shot, and do some severe damage to enemies immune to Death magic. She’s literally chained up because of her raw chaotic power.

In the FFX Remaster her Oblivion move amounts to a sixteen-hit attack that maxes out at 99,999 damage per hit. That’s over 1.5 million damage all up.

If we’re talking raw numbers, she’s second only to one of the Magus Sisters in power. She is as strong as she is terrifying, her design is wonderfully horrifying, and her ability to clear a battlefield more than earns her a spot on this list.


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