10 Most Powerful Video Game Characters Ever

Who would win in a fight?

God of War 3

Isn't it a bit strange, that in a medium so often built for pure escapism and wish fulfilment, we hardly ever talk about the most powerful video game characters?

I'm talking the world-enslavers. The time-stoppers. Gods, Kings and God Kings who slaughter millions with the click of their fingers, only for a hero fuelled by the power of an ancient spell to down them and walk off towards the next threat.

Yes, comics and anime have intergalactic titans and film has the likes of John Wick and Terminator, but gaming's bevy of warriors could save the world or torch it to cinders for breakfast.

Now, for this ranking, we're gonna be applying every character's power set, as if they were all in the same universe. If these hulking brutes did decide to take each other on, who would be the last person standing, and why?

Obviously yes, you'll be able to find some fine print that states "If X character dies, time stops!" or whatever, but, well it's just damn fun to imagine a Super Smash Bros-style showdown between gaming's most formidable.

Also a quick note: The character must have originated in a video game. No crossovers here.

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