10 Most Replayable Sci-Fi Video Games Of All Time

From the far reaches of space to the depths of the ocean, sometimes you just can't stop playing.

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The video game industry makes billions every year, and release new titles almost constantly. So much money is pumped into making these games as popular as possible, and every developer hopes to capture their slice of the market's attention long enough to turn a profit.

For consumers, it's an endless stream of oneupmanship, meaning the industry is constantly shifting and the landscape of gaming is changed, practically month-to-month.

That said, there are certain games that break through the madness, and truly stand the test of time.

Sci-Fi is a genre that does much the same. It's been going strong since the '50s, and shows no signs of losing popularity. Merging the public's love of sci-fi with the absolute titan that is the game industry was a complete no-brainer, and it's given us a huge range of incredible experiences over the years.

Somewhere in that particular cross-section, there exists some truly unmissable Sci-Fi greats that are worth playing again and again and again.


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10. Fallout 3

Mass Effect Garrus

Fallout 3's 2008 release saw the franchise move into the world of 3D graphics, and although the presentation of the Commonwealth had changed dramatically, it came at no sacrifice to the sheer size of the game.

Players could explore the Capital Wasteland in all its decimated majesty, as well as deciding early on whether or not to destroy one of the largest in-game settlement for a laugh, not to mention being incredibly disturbed the first time they spoke to a ghoul up close.

Fallout 3's replayability lies in its sheer size as well as its expertly crafted world, which is filled to the brim with secrets, easter eggs and side quests for a range of factions that ensure that players will keep returning for more.

There's also the game's perk system, which allows players to choose perks to suit their chosen class or gameplay style, all of which would vary with the way you chose to treat the Wasteland and its inhabitants. Fallout 3 offered so many possibilities for not only gameplay but for nuanced changes to the way in which the story unfolds that it will always remain replayable to fans of the series.

For many it was a gateway into the franchise, which has only gone from strength to strength since.

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