10 Most Ridiculous Things Gamers Can't Stop Arguing About

You Press UP To Look DOWN, And Press DOWN To Look UP. OBVIOUSLY.

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Before we begin in earnest, the irony of writing an article about the things gamers argue over, which itself is likely to provoke arguments, is not lost here.

Since the good old, formative days of eighties and nineties gaming, players have nailed their colours to a particular mast, often throwing scorn and derision at competitors in the process.

Whether these disagreements relate to hardware, software, characters or controls, some gamers LOVE a good argument, as ridiculous as it may seem to others.

Gamers, however, are certainly not alone in their preternatural ability to vehemently - and often publicly - disagree with each other.

Whether Blur Vs Oasis, Slytherin Vs Gryffindor, or normal Kit Kat Chunky Vs Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky, the human capacity to argue about seemingly inconsequential things should not be underestimated.

Gamers revel in tribal arguments, defending their interests with passion and fervour.

Obviously this does not apply to EVERY gamer, with most happy to live and let live with peers who may not share particular gaming predilections, instead appreciating all aspects of this beloved hobby.

There are, however, countless arguments new and old which refuse to go away...

10. Random Encounters

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As we know from games like Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and everything in between, random encounters/battles are a mainstay of the role playing genre.

Some players love them, some detest them.

We've all been there; you're traversing the overworld, wandering through the tall grass, attempting to complete a side quest or simply hit your next waypoint when, WHAM (not the band), an enemy appears right on top of you and battle commences, ready or not.

Whilst games like Pokemon Sword/Shield are getting better at signposting these encounters by openly showing the enemies on screen, allowing you to choose whether not to engage, many more titles still insist on hiding these encounters from the player.

Taking Octopath Traveller as a modern example of hidden, random encounters, leads seamlessly onto the next point of debate: their frequency (which - granted - can be adjusted in certain titles).

It wouldn't be overstating matters to say that some players DREAD traversing the overworld, as they know all too well that with every tenth step they take, BOOM - a random battle will ensue.

Other gamers, however, adore random encounters, as they allow for the opportunity to grind out additional, otherwise-squandered XP, to more quickly level up their party.

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