10 Most Ridiculous Things Gamers Can't Stop Arguing About

10. Random Encounters

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As we know from games like Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and everything in between, random encounters/battles are a mainstay of the role playing genre.

Some players love them, some detest them.

We've all been there; you're traversing the overworld, wandering through the tall grass, attempting to complete a side quest or simply hit your next waypoint when, WHAM (not the band), an enemy appears right on top of you and battle commences, ready or not.

Whilst games like Pokemon Sword/Shield are getting better at signposting these encounters by openly showing the enemies on screen, allowing you to choose whether not to engage, many more titles still insist on hiding these encounters from the player.

Taking Octopath Traveller as a modern example of hidden, random encounters, leads seamlessly onto the next point of debate: their frequency (which - granted - can be adjusted in certain titles).

It wouldn't be overstating matters to say that some players DREAD traversing the overworld, as they know all too well that with every tenth step they take, BOOM - a random battle will ensue.

Other gamers, however, adore random encounters, as they allow for the opportunity to grind out additional, otherwise-squandered XP, to more quickly level up their party.

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