10 Most Ridiculous Things Gamers Can't Stop Arguing About

9. Camping

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...or "Sniping" as it should really be called.

For reasons best known only to themselves, there is a substantial, vocal contingent of gamers who appear to have a HUGE problem with the perfectly valid, tactically sound, and all-round brilliant strategy of hiding in a bush for the majority of an online match in shooters like Call of Duty and Fortnite.

This commendable tactic requires both skill and - most importantly - patience to master, as it can involve literal minutes at a time of sitting there, controller in hand, doing absolutely nothing - you don't even need to be holding the controller, to be fair.

Professional, God-tier camp...sorry "snipers", are sometimes even able to go and make a cup of tea and a sandwich, then come back and resume their high-intensity sitting as if they'd never left the room in the first place.

Truly impressive stuff.

However, far from just sitting there doing nothing, the sniper must be ready to take the all important shot upon seeing a hapless "runner" stumble blindly into their sights.

Kill in the bag, points on the board, and kettle back on the boil, the sniper resumes their high-intensity sitting.

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