10 Most Ridiculous Things You Did For Gaming

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Whether they're professional, casual or a little in between, gamers are the bread and butter of the industry.

While most players freely dedicate an hour or two each day towards playing a few rounds of FIFA with a friend, or smash that level on Call of Duty that's been giving them grief for a day or two, there is the exception of "hardcore" gamers that have gone above and beyond.

I'll admit that I am one of these people.

It's not enough to play a game in your own time. You have to immerse yourself in the culture and give parts of yourself over to gaming - to the point where it borders on worrisome.

There's no judgement in this article - we're all guilty of doing something absurd in the name of playing a game. The fact that I'm about to acknowledge how daft some of these efforts were, prove that we've moved on and hopefully - never fall back into that way of like.

And while you might read this and declare that you haven't sunk so low yet - let's take a look at these ten actions and we'll see otherwise.

10. Booking Time Off - Or Calling In Sick - To Play A Game

DOOM eternal doomicorn

Let's start with something that is (sort of) forgivable and understandable - pulling a sick-day to play video games. We've all done it at one point. It usually came off the heels of a big release; the months of anticipation and excitement built up to the excruciating point where we couldn't do anything else but play the new Halo or GTA.

It made sense when we did it - we've pre-ordered our copies of the game months in advance, got our mitts on the disc and thought of nothing else but to load it in and start mashing buttons.

But herein lies the problem: It really showed desperation, bordering on a worrying addiction when we called our bosses, sniffing and spluttering down the phone as we unpacked the case. Before we even hung up the phone, we're landing in San Andreas and finding a car or two to steal.

Had we just waited a few hours, we'd have achieved the moral victory - we play games to "play", but before that comes work. Like I said, it's okay, just once. It's likely that a lot of us have learned now that holding back just a little bit makes it all the more worth it.

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