10 Most Ridiculous Things You Did For Gaming

Don't even try to deny paying for the Doomicorn skin.

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Whether they're professional, casual or a little in between, gamers are the bread and butter of the industry.

While most players freely dedicate an hour or two each day towards playing a few rounds of FIFA with a friend, or smash that level on Call of Duty that's been giving them grief for a day or two, there is the exception of "hardcore" gamers that have gone above and beyond.

I'll admit that I am one of these people.

It's not enough to play a game in your own time. You have to immerse yourself in the culture and give parts of yourself over to gaming - to the point where it borders on worrisome.

There's no judgement in this article - we're all guilty of doing something absurd in the name of playing a game. The fact that I'm about to acknowledge how daft some of these efforts were, prove that we've moved on and hopefully - never fall back into that way of like.

And while you might read this and declare that you haven't sunk so low yet - let's take a look at these ten actions and we'll see otherwise.

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