10 Most Satisfying Final Boss Kills In Gaming History

Just... DIE!!

Final Fantasy 7 omnislash
Square Enix

Gaming is nothing without boss fights.

Though the art of a damn good boss has mostly left the triple-A side of things - with only FromSoftware and a handful of action titles putting time into something other than a bullet sponge - final battles can make for the best moments in a whole game.

What better way to showcase everything you've learned? Throw in a narrative reason to fell the thing that may (or may not) be your father, and you have a setup that automatically ends your time spent on a high.

Now, for this list I'm not just talking about the best final boss battles, but instead, how they ended.

Did you finish an opponent in a shower of blood and guts, deliver some slick one-liner before ending their reign in style - or just ram a nuclear-powered super-gun down their throat and pull the trigger?

Gaming knows how to show off more than any other medium, and when it's you drawing these epic sagas to a close, that makes for one of the best feelings in all of entertainment.

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