10 Most Satisfying Final Boss Kills In Gaming History

10. Isshin, The Sword Saint - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Sword Saint Isshin

According to the latest trophy data, only 24.4% of all players managed to fell this tw*t of a final boss, because oh dear god is Sekiro one of the most infuriating - and yet rewarding - games of all time.

Taking everything FromSoftware had learned across the last 11 years (all the way back to Demon's Souls), Shadows Die Twice ditches its stamina meter and puts all the focus on dodging and parrying to succeed.

What unfurls is a ludicrously tight game of rock, paper, scissors, with frontal charges defeating thrust attacks, vertical leaps avoiding swipes, and accurate taps of L1 letting you avoid damage altogether for everything else.

Applied to increasingly fast circumstances, Isshin comes at you in three stages, changing his animations and even weapon loadouts, until you're battling him in a field of storms as he attempts to literally throw lightning at you.

Finally memorising every.last.animation sees you fell Isshin in a glorious blur of evades, combos, parries and lightning counters, leading to a final move where Sekiro executes a now-kneeling Saint, as he bleeds out on the grass.

If you weren't screaming "DIE!! DIE!! DIE!!" at this point, I question your humanity.

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