10 Most Shocking Roster Picks In WWE Games

Terminators and nu-metallers. Ok then...

2K Games

Inevitably, one of the most noticeable features of any fighting game is its roster, after all, it’s one of the first things sold to prospective buyers, and also one of the first things that they then encounter when the game boots. 

The WWE series is no exception, and yet, despite how important this aspect is, the series has a track record of being very hit-and-miss when it comes to the playable characters. 

Not so long ago, WWE 2K14 boasted one of the most impressive rosters ever, with 84 vanilla superstars - 36 of them being Legends or Superstar’s Retro counterparts - and well over 100 with DLC. But contrastingly, just one year later, 2K15 comparatively flopped with a reduced roster of just 62, with only 8 Legends/Retros.

And on top of that, throughout the years there's been a trend of unusual Superstars and Legends making the cut. From unnamed servants to celebrities who have never even been in a ring to Superstars working for WWE’s biggest competition, the oddities are never too far away with a WWE game roster.

With WWE 2K16 coming soon and promising the biggest roster of all time, we can only assume this trend will only grow as 2K fills up the 120-Superstar strong roster, and the inclusion of The Terminator seems to suggest odd things could be ahead...


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