10 Most Sickening Things You Did In The Sims

Being the Devil when playing God.

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American writer and philosopher Robert M. Pirsig once wrote that boredom always precedes a period of great creativity, and after seeing some of the jaw-dropping things Sims gamers put their Sims through, I would have to agree with the man.

Look, we've all been there when it comes to games losing their fun. Who among us hasn't started acting like a model citizen in Grand Theft Auto or rolled goats cheese down a mountain on Skyrim? But there's something vaguely Bond villain-y about taking the time to terrorise your Sims in the most twisted ways possible.

Let's be clear, we aren't talking about simply removing the ladder to the swimming pool and watching your character panic and slowly drown here. Oh no, these twisted gamers have devised a variety of deviant (yet hilarious) ways to torture their Sims families in such a way, that it would even make Jigsaw himself say "Damn, dude... bit much."

So, consider yourself warned. This list will go through the toilet terrors, graveyard gambits and animal anarchy from the various Sims games that have been released thus far. And hey, if it inspires you to try some out yourself (in the games!) then go for it, happy to help provide some ideas against boredom in these troubling times. My conscience is clear.

10. Made Your Dog Human And Then Tortured It

the sims

Who among us hasn't wondered what their pet would be like if they were to magically turn into a human? Would your cat-human still continue to push valuable items off of the coffee table? Would your dog-human still drink out of the toilet? Or would your loyal pet friend adapt and not only become a fully functioning member of society, but end up being your best human friend as well?

Well, this Sims gamer certainly had high hopes when his poochie pal became human, but what followed was a story of betrayal with an unexpectedly dark ending.

In 2003, The Sims released their seventh and final expansion pack titled Makin' Magic. With this magical addition, Sims could now cast a spell called "a friend indeed" allowing you to turn your pet into a human.

Unfortunately for this gamer, their newly humanised friend turned out to be a massive d*ck. It picked fights, trashed the house and even hit on the player's wife. Since you can't legally castrate a human, the dog-human was banished into a small room with only a window and spent the rest of its days watching his family play with a new dog whilst he starved to death. Ruff stuff.

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