10 Most Successful Crowdfunded Video Games Of All Time

Not every Kickstarter success turns out like Might No. 9.

Shenmue 3

Despite a few major controversies tainting its reputation over the years, Kickstarter and other crowd-funding websites have been a great way for fan-favourite projects that wouldn't have been touched by major publishers, to get the funding they need. While the industry at large has left certain genres and styles behind, they've found success on these websites, which have facilitated a major resurgence in isometric RPGs, horror games and even brand new tech like the Oculus Rift.

Although plenty of different projects have benefited from Kickstarter's ilk, nobody quite knew just how many new ideas would soar to success. Initially untested, it's now not uncommon for the most popular games debuting on the service to amass millions of dollars in funding, eclipsing their initial goals ten times over.

That doesn't always mean the projects always turn out well, of course, and there were plenty of first-wave games which didn't live up to backer expectations. Even if the final result wasn't of the quality that fans who ponied up money for the development expected though, they're still recognised because of just how monumental their success stories were.

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Shenmue II
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