10 Most Terrifying Enemies In The Fallout Franchise

The things that go bump in the night throughout the Wasteland make it a horrible place to live.

Black Isle Studios

Since 1997, across over a dozen gaming platforms and through almost a half dozen game companies, the Fallout franchise has enthralled millions of fans with its mix of role playing, action, outstanding writing, strong characterizations, and a wide variety of ways to tackle the games.

Oh. And enemies. So many enemies.

No protagonist, no matter how powerful, is useful without equally worth antagonists. The various makers of Fallout, from Fallout 1 right up to Fallout 76, have done one of the finest jobs of world-building in any game series ever. That includes hundreds of different mutant, animal, insect, robot, undead, and human enemies to negotiate with, threaten, pacify, maim, kill, and loot for weapons, ammo, armour, and caps.

Some of these foes, however, have taken on legendary status, not only in the Fallout games, but in gaming in general. Not content to just be cannon fodder like a Ghoul or Molerat, these beasties give pause to even the hardiest of Lone Wanderers and Vault Dwellers. These are enemies who make you stop to make sure you have your weapon reloaded and stimpaks at the ready before trying for a stealth kill or saying to hell with it and rushing in, guns blazing.

These are ten of the most terrifying Fallout enemies ever stared at through the iron sights of a pipe pistol.

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