10 Most Terrifying Horror Game Locations

Shining lights in VERY dark places.

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Naughty Dog

If you've ever played a horror game, you'll no doubt be familiar with that sinking feeling of dread when confronted with a shadowy new area to explore. You've no idea what lies in wait, but you simply have no choice but to push on if you want to see it through to the end.

And more often than not, the survival horror genre makes thorough exploration a key component in its gameplay, so not only will you need to venture into the scary unknown, but you're going to have search every nook and cranny to find precious resources. You may not want to go near those suspicious-looking wardrobes or that bookcase that turned out to be a secret door, but you may be greatly rewarded for doing so.

That or you'll find something whose favourite food just so happens to be your face.

Such locales are the places that we're discussing today. The ones that absolutely petrified players, and saw a sharp increase in the sales of underwear the world over. These are the places in horror games that few may dare to tread, but in doing so, you'll experience some of gaming's most incredible horror moments.

Best bring a flashlight and a blunt-force object because you're going to need them.

11. Honorable Mention: The Apartment - P.T.

last of us 2 ratking

If you have ever played, or simply just watched a playthrough of the truly magnificent P.T., it's likely that you're still very much haunted by the L-shaped corridor that the game's action takes place in.

And aside from all the hauntings, bizarre noises and sporadic appearances of Lisa, the real reason why this location is so damned scary is in its simplicity. The plain domestic design is reminiscent of many people's own homes, and the constant repetition of cycling through the same area over and over again is akin to a nightmare that you simply cannot wake from.

With each new turn of the corner, your heart will stop for a second as you prepare yourself for whatever unspeakable horror is lurking just out of sight. It's an incredible piece of design, that whilst deceptively simply, yields incredible results.

As P.T. is not a full game, and merely a teaser of what would be the now-cancelled Silent Hills, we couldn't possibly make it a proper inclusion. However, it'd be an absolute crime to not mention it, as despite its short length, this one location has more sacres than most horror games could ever dream of conjuring up.

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