10 Most Terrifying Horror Game Locations

10. The Attic - Remothered: Tormented Fathers

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A throwback to the likes of Clock Tower and Haunting Ground, the Remothered series has been quietly flying the flag for old-school survival horror for the past couple of years, and for those that love the 'run-and-hide' type of horror games, they're an absolute treat.

After being constantly chased up and downstairs by a psychotic, moth-controlling nun and a naked old man (Yes, you did read that correctly) you're urged to go up into the mansion's attic. Which definitely sounds like a good idea.

There's only one entrance, and you're going to know if you're followed, which does go someways to making you feel safe. Well, sadly for you, Tormented Fathers loves to pull the rug out from underneath you and upon entering the attic, you're confronted with a small army of creepy mannequins.

You've got no choice but to wade through them in search of your next key item, and the palpable tension that this relatively small area conjures up is truly frightening. All of which is perfectly punctuated by a highly telegraphed, but ultimately very earned jump scare that immediately throws you straight back into the white-knuckle chases that the rest of the game is made up of.

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