10 Most Terrifying Monsters In Video Game History

The human mind's worst creations, and YOU have to fight them.


The horror game is a hard thing to get right. At its best, the immersive nature of a good video game means that the player is attentive and absorbed, focused and primed to get scared out of their skin.

Done badly, though, it can be embarrassing - there’s not much worse than aiming for scary and ending up lame.

Horror is conjured by concepts and of course atmosphere, but in a video game, if you want to do scary, you need a good monster. Whether these are psychological enemies playing on human fear, grotesquely designed demons, or simply big beasts who can tear you apart, an imposing baddie is the best way to keep your players on the edge of their seats.

It can be hard to find much that's original in the horror genre these days, given how much content is churned out, but over the years creators have continued to find new and novel designs to keep our hearts racing.

However sick and twisted, gruesome and grotesque the designs get, just remind yourself - it’s only a game.*



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