10 Most Terrifying Monsters In Video Game History

9. We Happy Few - Bobbies

Dead space
Compulsion Games

One of the most inventive concepts in recent gaming memory, We Happy Few takes place on an island in post-war Britain where misery is a crime. Citizens are kept compliant through constant dosing of a happy pill called Joy, and anyone who steps out of line will feel the wrath of the ever present Bobbies.

Taking the form of a throwback English police officer, Bobbies wear masks depicting a constant malevolent grin, and will attack the player for minor indiscretions. Bobbies can be hugely powerful enemies who can lay waste to the player with ease - in We Happy Few, you have the option to play so that you’re sent back to the start after a single death, so the stakes are truly high.

Taking cues from dystopian works like Nineteen Eighty Four, the Bobbies are a huge part of the air of constant threat, paranoia, and menace that cover We Happy Few.

Unlike many petrifying video game enemies, you’ll be ill advised to conquer your fears by taking them on in combat - your best bet at survival is simply to run away.

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