10 Most Terrifying Stalkers In Horror Video Games

No amount of bullets will save you from these nightmarish creatures.

Condemned 2 bloodshot

It goes without saying that the enemies in horror games are usually amongst the most fearsome and intimidating you're likely to ever encounter, but more often than not, you've got just enough ammo and resources to either take them down or slip them by.

It's certainly reassuring to know that you'll always make it out by the skin of your teeth, but what about those enemies that can't be put down in the same way?

The dark, foreboding nature of places like Silent Hill or the Racoon City are genuinely made all the more terrifying by the presence of a stalker enemy. A seemingly invincible force of evil that you could bump into at any given time, and who will likely reduce you to mulch within mere seconds of spotting you.

Try as you might, these enemies cannot be taken down with your usual means and will happily chase you from room to room. That's not to say these fearsome foes cannot be killed though, as most do allow you that sweet moment of revenge during scripted boss fights, but the lead-up to said confrontations is often the most anxiety-inducing parts of the game and we're hear to celebrate all of those horror game baddies that kept us in a constant state of paranoia.

Best find yourself a nice cupboard to stash yourself away in, because things are about to spooky!

10. Scissorman - Clock Tower (SNES) And Clock Tower (PS1)

Condemned 2 bloodshot
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In an ideal world, Scissorman would need no introduction, but sadly the Clock Tower series has fallen into obscurity in the modern era.

The grandaddy of all the stalkers on the list, Scissorman has been making gamers soil their undies since the SNES days, and whilst his comical walking animations and irritating scissor-snapping sound effects may seem a tad quaint by today's standards, there's no denying that he's a top tier slasher villain worthy of respect.

The primary antagonist of the first two Clock Tower games, Scissorman makes it his mission to hunt you down and give you a damn good shearing by any means necessary. He has a penchant for bursting out of nearby cupboards and wardrobes, completely taking the player off-guard and forcing them into tense chase sequences that really put the pressure on you.

It is possible to slow him down via the use of environmental means and makeshift weaponry, but these things are often single-use and not all of them are one-hundred percent effective.

Despite being absent in the modern gaming landscape, the Clock Tower series still has a loyal fan base that lives in hope that one day they can be hunted down by Scissorman once again.


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