10 Most Underrated N64 Games Ever

9. 007: The World Is Not Enough

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A game that will always live in the shadow of its predecessor, The World Is Not Enough is frequently written off as an inferior follow up to Goldeneye (albeit by a different developer). And while it’s true that this 1999 James Bond vehicle doesn’t reinvent the wheel like Goldeneye did, it remains a polished shooter that makes the most of the console’s capabilities.

Utilising the N64’s expansion pack, graphically the game is a dramatic leap from Rare’s 1995 game. It expands on the level design of the earlier game, with levels taking place underwater and even on a ski slope.

Designers Eurocom took no risks with the multiplayer - the main sell, of course, of Goldeneye - and stick with what they know the fans want: fast, split screen gaming with a myriad of play styles to choose from. It doesn’t quite live up to the benchmark of Goldeneye, but if you’re talking about multiplayer gaming on the N64, very little does.

For fans of Goldeneye, then, if you haven’t checked out The World Is Not Enough, you ought to give it a chance. So long as you’re not expecting the genre to be turned on its head once again, you’ve got a great experience waiting for you.

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