10 Most Underrated & Overlooked Nintendo Switch Games

It's easy to get distracted with Zelda and Mario in the spotlight.

Garou Mark Of The Wolves

The Nintendo Switch may have had an incredibly sparse launch day lineup (depending on where you look), but record-setting sales have established one hell of a sense of momentum for the system, creating an arms-wide-open embracing of any and every title that emerges on the eShop.

Indeed, the Switch's hybrid home console and portable feel gives a new dimension to every game, especially multi-platform releases, as there's a unique connection you feel to a handheld device being part of your life, seeing people actively want to build their respective libraries in tow. It's not just, "Ooh, that looks cool!", it's "Ooh, that looks cool... and it'd be badass to play on a train/in bed/at school/on my lunch break".

At time of writing, there are only 46 games in total on the UK eShop, but it's a breath of fresh air to see Nintendo exercise some sort of quality control, as the likes of the PS4 and Xbox One storefronts are awash in forgettable churned-out toss only a fraction of the populace will ever play.

Here's to welcoming the summer months with the best Nintendo Switch games around...

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