10 Most Underrated & Overlooked Nintendo Switch Games

10. NBA Playgrounds

NBA Playrgounds
Mad Dog Games

A far more considered beast than the likes of NBA Jam and Street it's connoting, Playgrounds is all about the push n' pull. Yes, there are player-scattering elbow smashes and out-of-nowhere dunks raining down on all sides, but you have to earn them, which is where baller stats and a super-tight stamina meter come in.

Allowing for only a couple of moves to be pulled off in succession before waiting on a recharge, it adds a strategic layer atop Playgrounds' otherwise arcady foundations - one supplanted by incredibly short timing windows on shots and dunks, all reliant on individual stats for each player.

Get these mechanics down and you're rewarded with power-ups (infinite sprint, shot/dunk multipliers) and additional score points, the competition slowly heating up between two players getting more accustomed to the game's overall flow.

In turn, this means that when you do slap the ball out the opposition's hand, sprint towards the basket and fly across the court like Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam, it feels AWESOME.

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