10 Most Underrated Sci-Fi Video Games

Everything from spaceships to alien monsters.


Science fiction has an ability to grip our imaginations like no other genre. From dazzling us with their futuristic technologies, stunning visuals and vibrant settings, there's really no end to what this community can put in front of us.

This is particularly true for the video game industry, where cinematics and details are now at the same kinds of levels we would expect to see in a film, if not a little bit higher.

On top of that, whilst films and TV shows within the genre have to follow a linear storyline, video games have no such restrictions to hold them down. Whether it's through a diverse series of open world locations set across the cosmos, or a far more engaging collection of plotlines and missions, there's an argument to suggest that games might just be the best form of entertainment within the sci-fi community.

With that being said, from low-budget releases being unable to afford extensive marketing campaigns, to stacked competition in the marketplace during the release, having an impressive game is sadly not always enough to guarantee success. There are far too many examples of genuinely great games in the genre that have slipped under the radar thanks to things largely beyond their control, and we've picked 10 of them here.

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