10 Most Underwhelming Bosses In Resident Evil History

Some boss fights are plain bad, whilst others just feel like they're letting you down.

Ndesu Resident Evil

For 25 years Capcom has brought us one of the longest-running continuous narratives in gaming, Resident Evil. Initially blending B-movie horror themes, puzzle-solving, survival-based exploration and nerve-shredding scares, the franchise has grown and evolved in many different directions since its origins in 1996.

One of its greatest strengths has been its ability to craft nightmarish monsters that will linger in your memory long after you finish playing. From the humble zombie to the Hunter and the Licker; Capcom are endlessly inventive with crafting their enemies. The same goes for boss fights too; the Nemesis, the G mutant and even killer plants all make up part of the extensive rogue’s gallery of Resident Evil bosses.

However, like any franchise that’s been running for a quarter of a century, there are a few duds in the back catalogue. Sometimes a boss fight is ill thought-out to begin with, other times it is a victim of its own successful build up; the fight itself facing an insurmountable task in trying to outdo its own reputation.

This article isn't necessarily about at the worst boss fights in the franchise - though some of these definitely fit that bill - but rather the ten that felt just a little bit flat. These are ten underwhelming boss fights in the Resident Evil series.

10. The Daughters Of Dimitrescu - Resident Evil: Village

Ndesu Resident Evil

The first entry comes from the most recent release in the franchise, the highly anticipated Resident Evil Village.

In the run up to this game, it is safe to say that there wasn’t too much focus on the effort's central protagonist, the faceless Ethan Winters or even on series' mainstay Chris Redfield. The true stars of the Village hype train were Lady Dimitrescu and her three deadly, confusingly sexy daughters.

“Hmmm, man-blood” one of them proclaims as they capture you almost immediately upon entering Castle Dimitrescu, before driving farming sickles through your legs and dragging you before their mother.

It is here that Capcom fall victim to their own success.

The universally positive reception of the Mr. X stalking mechanic in Resident Evil 2 Remake, coupled with the spotlight on the Dimitrescu clan in the promotional materials created audience expectations that, unfortunately were not met. The Dimitrescu daughters only stalk you through a small portion of the castle and, when it finally comes time to face them, the solution for killing them is awarded to you in a cutscene rather than being left for you to figure out for yourself.

All three daughters are dispatched in the same way, and it unfortunately makes for an underwhelming trio of boss encounters.


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