10 Most Unique Ways You Can Be Killed In Video Games

You ever wanted to drown in a sea of jelly? Me neither.

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What would video games be without death? Worse than boring, in short. Even Pacman comes with the ability to be eaten by a ghost - and then presumably become one, in a dire circle of life taught to us via the medium of arcade machines.

And whether you know it or not, you've probably been looking for unusual or unexpected deaths for a long time. Whether it's laughing your ass off at your rag-dolling body falling down a mountain in Skyrim, or doing increasingly ridiculous GTA shenanigans just to see the word "WASTED" pop up on screen, it's almost human nature to try and find a game's most ludicrous deaths.

But some series know this, and thus don't make you look far for a suitably wild demise. Whether it's a game over, an optional side cutscene, or just a really, really weird part of the plot, unique video game deaths create some of the most memorable moments of all time - even if they're often drastically underestimated.

Though nobody wants to die in a game, you're also likely to get so distracted by being killed via bear costume, or by being drowned in jelly, that you won't even be mad about it.

10. Put In An Animatronic Costume - Five Nights At Freddy's

Heavy Rain

Good horror often banks on an interesting, unusual death or two to keep things fresh. When you think of good terrifying games and films, they always contain at least one death that's never really happened before - to the extent that franchises like Saw and Final Destination just focus on this aspect.

As much as Five Nights at Freddy's isn't considered the height of horror - as it does focus largely on using jumpscares to frighten you, which is a bit of a cop out tactic in terms of generating tension and fear.

However, the series does also have some moments of genuinely effective horror generation, such as the method in which you die if the animatronics ever catch you. As you're told in the game, the robots consider you a endoskeleton, so should any of the formerly friendly-looking furries get their paws on you they'll do what they've been told to do with endoskeletons - put them in a costume.

This would be totally fine, but said "costume" is an animatronic body, which is filled to the brim with metal and wires that will rip you apart if you were, say, shoved into it by a crazy haunted robot bear.

It's not a death you're shown in graphic detail, but it's still rough as hell even thought you can only see your popped out eye balls.

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