10 Most Unique Ways You Can Be Killed In Video Games

9. Being Strangled To Death By A Cow - Crash Tag Team Racing

Heavy Rain
Radical Entertainment

The Die-O-Ramas in the first instalment of Crash Tag Team racing is a real cherry on top of the proverbial cake for the game. Because dramatic and silly death animations are an integral part of the Crash series - and because Tag Team involving mostly racing took out some of the capacity for funny deaths - the creators decided to add in some extra amusing deaths just to make the game feel like it truly belonged in the series.

While these all involve equal levels of delightful cartoonish violence, some are a little more out there than others. Some deaths are just your classics; melting in acid or being eaten alive. But some are far, far more.

Especially hilarious is an usual little death that involves a cow. You likely go into this death expecting the cow to maybe fall on you, or perhaps for it to also eat you for some as-of-yet unexplained reason.

Instead, the bovine grabs you by the throat with its tail, and then strangles you to death with only the fury that an animal who has to eat grass can muster. On the plus side, you definitely didn't see this one coming.

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