10 Most Unreliable Video Game Companions Ever

Sometimes it feels like it'd be much easier to go it alone...

Witcher 3 roach
CD Projekt RED

When the odds are against you, you're backed against the wall, you often want someone in your corner with you. A companion that can help even the score, carry your burdens and help you live to see another day.

For every Marcus there's a Dom, for every Ratchet his Clank. There's been many a fine example of companionship across the decade. You need someone that's got your back in a pinch, after all.

Sadly, not every pairing that share that special connection. Players need someone who's got their back in a firefight, not standing in front of them playing "Catch each shot with their face". When players are making that calculated jump, what they don't want is an enthusiastic fox plucking you out of the air.

The last thing a hero needs, when he's fighting off nightmare monstrosities, is his ward trying to smell what aftershave he's wearing. Or someone that wastes all of the medical supplies on the tiniest of booboo's.

Whether it be down to some misread programming or just good intention gone wrong, companions can sometimes be more hindrance than helpful.

Sadly, this lot can't be left to fend for themselves, so it falls on players to tolerate them that little bit longer.

10. Bravely Default - Airy

Witcher 3 roach

Fairies or some kind of pixie-like aiding character are part of the framework of an Eastern RPG. I could list examples, but chances are you've already thought of one. You know, the annoying, squeaky voiced companions that get more insufferable as time goes on, much like Navi from Ocarina of Time.

When it comes to Airy from 3DS hit Bravely Default, however, she's not just an unreliable companion. She's also an unreliable narrator.

In short, the fairy guides players to light crystal pillars throughout the land, apparently saving the world. Yet this creates a sort of parallel world/time loop scenario, bringing you no closer to saving the proverbial day.

Across the parallel worlds and time goes on, characters will hint that the oh-so helpful little aide may not be all that she seems...

Which becomes apparent when our heroes break the cycle (and a crystal), halting the schemes of Airy's master, Ouroboros. She's far from a sweet and innocent fairy when that happens, revealing her true nature in shocking form.

Even the title screen alludes to this deception as time goes on, if players aren't getting it.


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