10 Most Useless Character Customisations Found In A Video Game

No facial hair? No sale.


Nothing makes a video game more immediately immersive than the ability to see yourself in it, usually by way of customisation options whereby players can alter the appearance of their protagonist.

If popularised by the RPG, character creation and customisation are basically expected features across practically every genre these days, a staple of the medium which, when done right, can massively enhance player enjoyment and engagement.

But sadly, there are many more examples of games that clearly just couldn't be bothered.

These 10 games all featured character customisation tools which didn't nearly cut the mustard, instead offering players a pathetically limited number of options to create the supposed character of their dreams.

Despite the overwhelming majority of these games being AAA tentpole titles, each nevertheless served up character creators which were so aggressively underwhelming as to be near-pointless, leaving players wondering why they even bothered at all.

At the end of the day these customisation suites - and we're being generous with that term - prove just how much time and effort goes into making the better ones...

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