10 Most Value For Money RPGs In Gaming

The map is HOW big?!

assassins creed odyssey

These days, video games are expensive.

An industry that used to revolve around waiting in line outside in-person retailers to drop £20 on the latest game has changed to a market where the vast majority of titles are asking you to cough up £40-£100+ for the privilege of playing them, if you factor in the variety of deluxe editions.

So if publishers are asking players to shell out so much of our hard earned cash, we want to be sure we’re getting our money’s worth!

In recent years, audiences have even begun to complain when the playtime of a AAA game checks in at less than 30 hours. Whether that’s a valid complaint or not is a personal choice. What surely isn’t, however, is the fact that the RPGs below amount to some of the best value for money around.

These games would have been awesome value even at launch, thanks to the way they absolutely nail scope, scale, and production value, meaning you’ll get hours of quality enjoyment out of them - but in 2022, many of them can be scooped up for less than twenty bucks if you wait for a sale.

Now that’s what we call a steal!

10. Dragon Age: Origins

assassins creed odyssey

Now well known as the eponymous origin of the landmark RPG fantasy series, Dragon Age: Origins still remains the overall best of the bunch - even being widely considered as one of the best video games ever made. Few games, besides perhaps the rest of this list, have better demonstrated core RPG components of both gameplay and narrative, with (for its time) beautiful graphics to boot.

The alternatively third-person or top-down perspectives on combat featured in Origins is something that many other RPGs no longer implement, however the greatest success of the game lies in its characters and world.

The different options for player character creation actively influence their origins and the way they are treated by other characters within the world, and the interactive relationships formed with companions based on the player’s choices have since become known as a staple of developer BioWare’s releases for their consistent variety and depth.

Thanks to the above, while the core plot of the player being tasked as a Grey Warden to defeat Archdemon and Darkspawn remains largely the same, the different class, background, relationship, and side quest choices that can be pursued mean replayability value is immense.

Despite being released in 2009, this makes Origins more than worth still paying to play, because even if the graphics don’t totally hold up, everything else more than does.


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