10 Moves PlayStation MUST Make

9. Make Playstation Now Competitive

Kill The PS4

Speaking of subscription services, Sony need to take a page out of Microsoft's book.

Microsoft have gone all in on their Game Pass service. Big names like Halo and Forza are available from launch day, and every week sees a mixture of AAA and indie titles added to the service. Couple that with an agreeably low price point (and regular sales on subscriptions), and Game Pass has been the most successful innovation of this console generation.

PlayStation Now, on the other hand, is a confusing and unnecessary mess.

For starters, game-streaming is still a long way off from being viable. (See the utter failure of Google Stadia and the current furore surrounding Kingdom Heart's Cloud-only Switch versions for proof). Sony themselves tacitly admitted as much when some of the games on the service were made available for download, but that was as effective as locking a door after the burglar's made off with your family china. And your family.

Also, while Microsoft make it a point of pride to put its biggest games on the service from day one, Sony have been strangely gun-shy about following suit. (Sorry, but Shadow Warrior 3 is not the equivalent to Halo Infinite).

Hopefully the much-rumoured Spartacus reboot will revitalize this flagging service, because at this moment in time Playstation Now is terrible value for money.

And speaking of value...


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